Terraluna: A monthly full moon event

“Soon as the evening shades prevail
the Moon takes up the wondrous tale.
And nightly to the listening Earth
repeats the story of her birth.”

Once each month, on the Friday closest to the Full Moon. Come out and celebrate the natural rhythms of our Earth & Moon while listening to the deep, soulful, and bass-heavy sounds provided by:

Dj Copious
-His sets may range from chillaxed, bass-bumping dub, to soothing, jazzy jungle, to hard-hitting drum’n’bass. Whatever he’s playing, it’s sure to be dope, and it’s sure to get you moving! Justin Copious Joffe

-His set will definitely get the dance floor bumping. He’ll be bringing all the sickest, heaviest dubstep for some face-melting, bass-dropping goodness! Dak-Atk

Terraluna will also feature dance performances, live art, and interactive art!

The February Full Moon is the Snow Moon, so embrace your winter-loving self and come celebrate snow with us!
*costumes encouraged!

No Cover
Music starts at 9
Bring dancing shoes & positive moods!

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