Supernova: A cosmic transformative event towards a new year

Let’s bid a proper farewell to 2016. Join us on New Year’s Eve for Supernova: A cosmic transformative event towards a new year.


*Update: RTD busses will be free from 7 pm Dec 31st –  7 am Jan 1st.


Music will be provided by DJ Copious – UK: “Experience positive dance music vibes provided by the international selector – mixing the rough with the smooth, letting your soul feel the groove”.

DJ Copious - UK
DJ Copious – UK

Patrons will be able to enjoy a Modern Dance Performance by The Nyxle Pixies.

The Nyxle Pixies were born of another realm, one where fear does not exist. They’re the maidens of Nyx, the goddess of the night. She sent them to Earth to remind the mortals to live the life you love. They broadcast this message through performance art which combines ballet and modern dance techniques with the mystical whimsical spirit of a circus! Enjoy life and come out to play with the Pixies!

Face and Body-Painting and a Photo Booth with props will be available.

Stick around for a complimentary midnight toast.

Music starts at 9pm.

No cover charge.

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