The Cuddle-Food of Today

At Mandala Infusion, all of our Momos are prepared and steamed with love. Our Lamb and Veggie Momos are a well-balanced blend of organic, local, and free – range ingredients. We offer multiple sauces for your dipping pleasure. Coincidentally, this makes every bite taste like a warm hug. Enjoy! Momos are served either steamed or […]

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A Hearty Frittata With Quinoa Salad

Experience Mandala Infusion’s healthy brunch choices Sunday from 9 AM tp 2 PM. Our hearty frittata is made with potato, spinach, and tomato and served with a quinoa salad, and arugula salad to ensure good clean energy to get you through your day. This  pairs exceptionally well with our Bloody Mary made with Broth, Togarashi, Tumeric, Cayenne, […]

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Shapta for Breakfast

One of the delicious dishes being served for Brunch at Mandala Infusion is our breakfast-style Shapta. Enjoy a healthy breakfast of vegetables sautéed with your choice of sirloin, chicken or vegetarian-style and topped with an egg. Each dish comes with a choice of bread or rice. Our kitchen makes sure that each Shapta receives the […]

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Visions is an evening spent with local artists and musicians; a monthly event happeing every First Friday at Mandala Infusion, an inspiring Tibetan bistro in north Boulder offering authentic dishes and unique infused beverages & cocktails. Art @ 7. Music @ 8. December’s edition will feature: The Boundless -ambient, psychedelic, and soothing electronic beats […]

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Fresh Desserts Simply Taste Better

Here at Mandala Infusion, all of our desserts are made in-house to ensure that we deliver the best product possible to all of our customers. Blackcurrant Cheesecake, Date & Banana Slice (vegan/gluten free), Carrot Cake and Apricot & Coconut Cake are all waiting for your today.

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